Boil&Bite-Mouth Guard (13+)

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Game Guard mouth guards are on par with the leading brands but at a much lower cost!

Wearing a gum shield is now compulsory for sports played in and outside of schools across the UK, and as such many schools and clubs now operate a “No mouth guard, No play” policy. When taking part in contact sports, wearing a mouth guard will protect your teeth and help to reduce the risk of serious mouth and jaw injuries, which clearly explains why the gum shield has made its way onto the mandatory school and clubs kit list.

Game Guard gumshields boast excellent safety credentials and offer exceptional value. Our entire range has been CE certified and tested in accordance with BSI DD 253:2001; which means Game Guard mouthguards meet the high standards set for size, fit, retention and most importantly level 2 for transmitted force (impact testing) and quality.

Game Guard gum shields are suitably fit for purpose and are equally as effective as some of the more expensive alternatives, making Game Guard a great choice or as a reliable spare.

Depending on your child’s age, their mouth guard may need replacing regularly. If your child is still growing, new teeth will be coming through and moving into position, so their mouth guard may become too tight or too loose, and will need to be remade to fit the new shape of their mouth. Game Guard gum shields are an easy self-fit option and are available to buy in packs of x10, so will potentially last for the entire school year or sports season.