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Cleto Reyes boxing shorts are crafted for anyone dedicated to high standards, from the very highest calibre boxers to amateurs looking for the finest gear available.

These Cleto Reyes Boxing shorts are fantastic pieces of apparel that are crafted from light and smooth polyester fabric that give you a full range of movement during training and competing and the vaunted Cleto Reyes logo emblazoned on the front, these shorts are sure to set you apart from the crowd. Available in a range of colours from Red/white, Blue/white, White, Black/white, Black/gold, and Mexican flag, these shorts truly exemplify boxing greatness.

As worn by boxing legends such as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez and Julio Cesar Chavez. Cleto Reyes shorts are top of the line!


Ultra-light polyester
Range of Designs
As worn by boxing legends
Cleto Reyes logo emblazoned on front.

The Black and Gold Cleto Reyes Boxing Shorts have a tight waistband but are loose and airy below that. See our sizing guide below for an idea of size. XS(28″) S(32″) M(36″) L(40) XL(44″)

Unless actually competing in a boxing match, you can train in a wide range of shorts.