FORTRESS-Slip-on ( Pe|SS-SO ) Fastwraps BLACK

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FORTRESS BOXING Is delighted to announce the release of our PE|SS-SO Fastwraps.

The PE|SS-SO Fastwraps boast all the same features as the PE|SS model but instead of the elastic lace feature these have a fixed elastic cuff, enabling an even faster application.


Produced as a stock item, Making them avilable for purchase without a lead time!

Available in sizes :

Small,Medium, Large.  


Its patented design comprises of state of the art materials and superior design features not seen anywhere eles in the boxing world, giving the ultmate in performance, protection and comfort.


Key Featutres


Base Glove -All Black

- Premium grade, breathable 3D multi layered fabric

- 1" SOFT Layered mix of foam and spacer fabric. 

- Compressive knuckle straps

- Built it exoskeleton wrist supports

- Fixed Elastic cuff

- Compressive Wraps

- 50mm x 2m  stretch Compression Wrap

- Repeat rubber print logo

- Leather look Wrist Support strap 

- Cold Machine Wash Only


Sizing Guide

With an open palm and closed fingers measure across the knuckle line.


Aproximate palm width: 7cm - 7.9cm


Aproximate palm width: 8cm - 8.9cm


Aproximate palm width: 9-cm - 9.9cm