RDX T1 Genie Smartie Punch Mitts

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Impossibly nimble and ultra-compact, these Smartie hook and jab pads are engineered to be smarter, lighter and faster than ever. Train your speed and accuracy with every strike and let the foam padding absorb shock to prevent pain or injury. Designed using Maya Hide™ leather with strengthened inner hand and dual stitching for resilience, open fingers for mega grip and circulation, plus balance force mechanism for stability – all with a lightweight construction so you have maximum movement. These high tech focus pads are ideal for high speed training combo drills and are compatible with boxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts or cage fighting workouts.

Maya Hideâ„¢ leather for lightweight durability and long life
EVA-LUTION FOAMâ„¢ combined with Supremo-Shock Foamâ„¢ for advanced protection
Reinforced inner hand with double stitching for longer life and enhanced toughness Â
Open finger design for better ventilation and improved grip Â
Innovative design with balance force mechanism for the ultimate performanceÂ
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