STING-Orion Boxing Glove

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Designed to boast a premium select leather outer layer, the Orion Boxing Glove will rapidly become the pride and joy of your boxing kit. The Orion’s anatomically designed square shouldered mould and competition grade Hi-Flow shock absorbing core system provides maximum power with minimal impact.


  • Premium select leather outer layer
  • Competition grade Hi Flow Core for even weight distribution and impact minimisation
  • Square shoulder mould promotes maximum power on impact for a competitive edge
  • Ultra smart core composition ensures secure fit for knuckle and top hand protection
  • Sportline Plus 3D heat and moisture management liner system
  • 3-inch hook and loop wrist strap for secure fit and added wrist protection

Work on your combos without having to work up too much of a sweat, thanks to the Orion’s Sportline Plus 3D heat and moisture management liner system. Through materials and design, the Orion Boxing Gloves have got you covered when it comes to breathability, odour management, and consistent comfort, whether you’re training for a fight or sparring with your mates. 

Available in two classic colour schemes and three different glove sizes so that fighters can find the perfect pair of Orion Boxing Gloves in time for their next competition day.