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AMPRO Ballers Beaded Jump Rope - Purple/Yellow

5" matte finish unbreakable easy grip injection moulded plastic handles. Stable beaded rope gives optimum aerobic workout with a steady arc and more audible in visibility. Polypropylene braided rope for consistent weight distribution. Fully adjustable. Ideal for learning tricks and freestyle skipping. Beaded ropes are heavier compared to normal speed ropes, so provide a better ‘workout’. They are able to be turned quite slowly and still hold a constant ‘arc’, making it good for learning the skills of skipping, tricks and freestyle jumping.


5" Short handles ensure you grip the rope in the correct position to execute tricks in the correct form.

Ideal for beginners, learning tricks and freestyle skipping.

The Ampro speedy beady ballers segmented style rope is more visible & ‘audible’, compared to normal speed ropes, which makes it easier to time your jumps.

More durable than standard skipping ropes as the beads protect the rope and can be switched around once worn or by using the spare beads from adjusting the rope to prolong the rope life span at point of contact.

Tangle Free, there is no kinking with a beaded rope unlike a PVC rope making it easier to maintain the rope shape and arc to execute tricks easier. This also makes it more durable as kink's can shorten a ropes lifespan

Great for Beginners, Freestylers, School's and Skipping classes.