RIVAL RPS7 FITNESS PLUS PUNCH SHIELD blue/white/red silver/black gold/black red/black

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Made from the same extra-resistant Carbonium PU as our RB7 Bag Glove and our new RPM7 Punch Mitt, this new member of the "7 Family" is a great addition to your fitness and workout needs. Lightweight, durable and with over 3 inches of thickness in the punching surface, you will love holding and hitting this Punch Shield.


  • Firm Yet Comfortable Hitting Surface;
  • Padded "Easy-Grip" Handles for Holding Comfort;
  • 4 Stunning Colour Combinations to Choose From;
  • Embossed Rival Boxing Foamy PU Patch;
  • Thickness: 3.75"

Dimensions (Punching Surface):

12.5" x 12.5" (31.75cm x 31.75cm)