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Cleto Reyes 'Safetec' Pro Fight Boxing Glove - For many years Cleto Reyes Boxing have been making their world famous contest fight glove with a filling made from horse hair. The new Safetec Pro Fight Boxing Glove has been developed with a new polyurethane foam technology, in order to be as consistent as the Cleto Reyes Traditional pro fight boxing gloves.The added foam helps reduce the force, acceleration and vibration of the punch. The moulded polyurethane foam has been placed so that more material is in the punching area which helps protect the hands and aids in concentrating the weight of the glove in that area and not in the wrist and thumb like some gloves. The biggest difference between the Traditional and the Safetec contest boxing gloves is that the Safetec is more durable, which makes it also ideal for pad and bag work and some sparring. Made from high quality leather and attached thumbs.