NO STINK-Sports Glove Deodoriser

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No Stink Deodouriser; the perfect solution for removing unwanted smells and moisture from luggage, drawers, sports gloves, shoes and much more – whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free!

Simply place the deodourising pouches inside the desired area and leave it overnight.


Over time, the natural properties of No Stink will absorb the moisture inside of the area and remove the bacteria that causes bad smells.

Suitable for virtually anywhere that’s smelly!


NATURAL- Made from non-toxic, eco friendly bamboo charcoal.
ABSORBS MOISTURE – Bamboo charcoal is a highly porous material that is effective at removing moisture, which in turn prevents buildup of bad odour

ANTI-BACTERIAL – The removal of moisture prevents nasty bacteria from growing in the area.

RE-USEABLE – Place the No Stink pouches inside of the desired area or object and leave them overnight.

RE-ACTIVATE – To ensure No Stink lasts as long as possible, place them in the sun once per month for 1-2 hours to recharge. You can do this for up to 1 year.

RE-CYCLE – Once your No Stink product has reached the end of it’s life cycle, cut open the bag and sprinkle it on the soil in your garden. This will help plants absorb nutrients from the soil.
 Based on customer feedback this version of No Stink is unscented but just as effective as the others!

Each No Stink Deodoriser is: 15cm x 5.5cm Sold in packs of 2