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The new edition of our top model for sparring. With this premium headguard we have achieved a special feat: Same protective effect through novel materials, with significantly reduced weight. The result: a unique wearing and safety feeling.

In addition, the "PRO MEXICAN" convinces with well-known and proven features:
The PSXtraFit fit easily adapts to any head shape - while providing maximum stability and impact absorption. Padded cheekbone protection for that extra bit of protection in the sensitive region under the eyes. Extra reinforced donut ear with additional padded cross bracing, dampens mechanical impact and protects eardrums. Comfortable head fit with double hook and loop closure on the chin and back of the head, with additional fine adjustment through the lacing on the head.

Handcrafted quality leather, special foam padding with PSXtraFit fit, donut ear padding, hook and loop closure and lacing, S/M-L/XL. 221201 black, 221202 red, 221203 white.