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The Pro Box Champ 4ft Angle Punch Bag is created from a tough synthetic leather that is textile filled and machine compresed to withstand the heaviest of punches.  The 25mm inner foam jacket provides a softer responsive feel to the punch bag and reduces the impact on your hands and wrists.  Featuring a metal D-ring at the base to allow tethering and therefore less movement to the bag.  (If D-ring is used you should ensure that the strap is loose as it will tighten on impact).  Requires Heavy Weight 6 Chain - To be purchased separately.


Pro Box Champ 4ft Angle Bag

Tough durable Synthetic Leather

25mm Inner foam to reduce impact shock

Suitable for Intense Commercial use

Chain required

Approx 35kg


Height: Approx 39 inches

Diameter: Approx 20 inches.