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For the snipers in the ring these game changing pads are developed and designed for the precision punchers in the industry making them the perfect pair of pads.Made to hone in accuracy and precision in punches, these pads boast a spherical concave target area which allows for precise hits while absorbing the power. They ensure you feel secure and protected with dedicated finger, knuckle and wrist padded protection.Premium leather construction allows for immense durability and the adjustable wrist strap coupled with the prominent moulded palm ball allow for unparalleled precision and control.

  • Ringside Precision Pads
  • Premium quality leather for durability
  • Adjustable rist strap for added support
  • Moulded Palm Ball for Precise Movement Control
  • Dedicated Padding for Finger, knuckle and wrist Protection
  • Revolutionary spherical concave