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AMPRO Contoured Bearing 10ft Adjustable Jump Rope - Black/Orange

Injection moulded contoured bearing handles are efficiently designed for strong and non slip grip. Ideal for daily workout needs. Fully adjustable with 5mm high quality PVC cord for increased durability. Improves whole body strength and stamina. Skipping ropes with ball bearing handles are a great for rope skippers at any level from beginner to advanced because they help evenly distribute the weight of the rope throughout the rope's rotation and allow for a smoother movement. Longer length 10ft rope for taller skippers up to 6ft 6", with this easily adjustable rope you can get a bespoke length perfect for you. 


5'' contoured easy-to-grip shorter handles to ensure you grip the rope in the correct position for improved skipping performance

Adjustable with plastic snap-lock system

5mm PVC cord is very durable and tangle free , optimised for scuff resistance, speed, durability and flexibility

10ft standard length excl. handles

Ball bearings create a smooth swivel point so the rope that does not wear at the handles. This allows for even and fast rotation, especially if performing speed exercises like double unders.